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Only by looking at buildings and cities as the integrated environments that they are - instead of parts of the problem in isolation - can we ensure everyone involved in the conception, design or management of a building gets to leave our world in a much better state than we inherited it.

Using CFD simulations to improve pedestrian comfort in the built environment

by Harshad Joshi

A recent UN study reports more than 50% of the global population live in built up urban environments. In fact,…

IES Faculty: WELL and MEP Implications

by Karen Duffin

Highlights of Julie Godefroy’s (International WELL Building Institute) presentation from our latest IES Faculty event, which took place as part…

IES Faculty: WELL Inspired Design & The Role of Simulation

by Karen Duffin

Lindsey Malcolm’s (XCO2) presentation from our latest IES Faculty event, which took place as part of World Green Building Week…

IES Faculty: Health & Wellbeing in the Built Environment

by Karen Duffin

Highlights from Ann Marie Aguilar’s (International WELL Building Institute) presentation from our latest IES Faculty event, which took place as…

University of Hertfordshire Campus

by Karen Duffin

IES Consulting performed energy modelling on facilities at the University of Hertfordshire estate to develop an energy use profile for…

Athaiba Mixed Use Development

by Karen Duffin

IES Consulting assessed the external thermal comfort for pedestrians around the proposed Athaiba Mixed Use Development in Muscat, Oman. IES…

ZAC Gare des Ardoines

by Karen Duffin

IES Consulting performed an urban analysis toward the redevelopment at the approx. 1 million sq.m brownfield site of ZAC Gare…

Project Shortlisted for Student Excellence Award

by Karen Duffin

Earlier this year, Samia Mhenni, a student of the British University of Dubai,¬†was shortlisted for the prestigious Dr. Owainati Student…

Can productivity be modelled?

by Naghman Khan

Can Productivity be modelled presents findings of some recent research on being able to quantify and model productivity. We share…

191 Main Street West

by Karen Duffin

A team of engineering students from McMaster University used IESVE to perform energy modelling and evaluate a range of energy…

Health and Wellbeing: Considerations for Engineers

by Suzanne Wallace

For this blog Lindsey Malcolm of XCO2¬†discusses considerations of building services engineers and the potential role of simulation in catering…

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