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Only by looking at buildings and cities as the integrated environments that they are - instead of parts of the problem in isolation - can we ensure everyone involved in the conception, design or management of a building gets to leave our world in a much better state than we inherited it.

Russia to Follow UK with BIM Mandate by 2019

by Suzanne Wallace

Pictured: Guy Eames speaking with Minister Mikhail Menn Our Business Development Manager for Russia, Guy Eames attended the ProEstate Forum…

IES to Sponsor winner of ASRF’s ‘Women Innovators in Charge’ Prize

by Suzanne Wallace

Maysoon Al-Khuraissat recently won the first “Women Innovators in Charge” Prize for the GREEN TECH sector. The prize is provided…

+3.8°C in Brussels by 2080!

by Johan Haeberle

This morning, a client called me and asked for some help. He needed to generate future weather files for a…

Team IES win Best Workflow at ASHRAE’s Lowdown Showdown

by Megan Tosh

What do you get when you challenge nine interdisciplinary teams to design a net zero (or below) 50,000 ft2, 3-story…

JohorLand Tower

by Karen Duffin

JohorLand Tower is a proposed multi-tenanted office tower located in the heart of Johor Bahru city, Malaysia. The tower sits…

IES shows off best of British

by Suzanne Wallace

Russia’s largest retailer approached IES recently to ask for help in designing significantly better performing buildings – the result a…

Solar Shading

by John Goucher

Passive solar heating, eliminate solar gains in cooling season, optimize solar shading for daylight and PV panel optimisation. Find out…

Immeuble Bureaux Issy-les-Moulineaux

by Suzanne Wallace

IES Consulting provided daylight modelling services for the WELL Building Standard Credit 54 Circadian Lighting Design on this newly proposed…

VE 2016 New Features Webinar

by Karen Duffin

Find out more about our latest software features with our VE 2016 New Features webinar. Download VE 2016 here.  

All Good Things Come in Threes…

by Karen Duffin

They say all good things come in threes and that certainly seems to be the case for us here at…

Top 5 tips for successful LEED project management

by Glenn Miles

In our last article on project management, we called upon the famous words of Mike Tyson to discuss design team…

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