Earth Day 2017

Making Every Day Earth Day Through Sustainable Building Design

To mark Earth Day 2017, we want to help raise awareness about the impact that buildings have on the environment and why we need to take action now before it becomes too late. The below infographic emphasises the extent to which buildings are affecting our planet.

Join us on our quest to fight climate change. Scroll to the bottom or click here to get our special Earth Day give-aways to empower you to take on our challenge of making Earth Day Every Day.

Free Energy Modeling resources

To celebrate Earth Day, we're giving away free access to a selection of our IESVE training resources for the month of April. We want to empower VE users to take on our Earth Day challenge to preserve the air we breath and the earth we live on and harvest energy from.

  • Modeling Natural Ventilation

    FREE access to our Lunch-N-Learn training course covering how to model natural ventilation in buildings. (Offer ends April 30th)

  • Modeling the sun’s impact

    FREE access to our Distance Learning training course for SunCast, helping you understand and apply this powerful solar analysis tool.

  • Modeling Geothermal WLHPs

    FREE access to our Lunch-N-Learn training course on modeling geothermal WLHPs utilizing Ergon. Click here for FREE ERGON credits. (Both offers end April 30th)

  • future-proof your building design

    FREE Weather Analytics file. Use this as a base file which can then be used to generate future climate prediction data via our online WeatherShift files. (Offer ends April 30th)

  • close the Performance Gap

    FREE 1000 credits for ERGON, the IES Cloud service that allows you to import, manage and interrogate real building profiles and use them in VE simulations. (Offer ends April 30th)

  • HVAC Design Sizing Tools

    FREE access to our Lunch-N-Learn masterclass on the process for calculating HVAC loads.


Join us in our fight against Climate Change: Let’s start with our buildings!

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