IESVE for Architects

Safeguard your architecture by ensuring you meet performance goals early on. The specially designed IES architectural analysis package offers the most comprehensive suite available. Investigate suitable bioclimatic strategies even before a line has been drawn, and connect from SketchUp or BIM packages.

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Dedicated Architectural Training

This dedicated series of distance online learning sessions takes architects through how to answer key design questions relating to performance. From understanding how to evaluate bioclimate directions from local climate information, to reviewing solar orientation, shading options, daylight strategies, minimising energy requirements and understanding which passive, active or renewable systems you would like the engineer to investigate.

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"This new IESVE for Architects tool means we now have the ability to integrate building performance analysis from early conceptual design using SketchUp, through our entire design process using Revit Architecture."

- Ken Hall, Manager of Sustainable Design Systems, Gensler.

"Our trial indicates the key feature of the BREEAM Navigator is the way it lays out exactly how to undertake the performance simulations required for demonstrating key BREEAM credits in the VE."

- White Young Green.

"We see the BREEAM Navigator as another great innovation from IES."

- Bruce Elrick, BREEAM AP, Hulley & Kirkwood.

"Faster feedback in design affords more opportunity to innovate with sustainability in mind. IESVE for Architects means not only can we make the right decisions in the first place; we can make the right decision at every step in the process."

- Ken Hall, Manager of Sustainable Design Systems, Gensler.

"The IES/SketchUp connectivity allows many more of our architectural staff to take advantage of IES's environmental analysis capabilities to better assure that our designs are being formed for optimal performance in early design."

- Mark Dietrick, Director of research and development, Burt Hill.

"IESVE for Architects really speeds up the modeling process. Plus, the checklist feature greatly aids in organizing workflow and provides a good reminder of what stage the model was left at."

- Mike Reimer, B.Eng., LEED® AP, Mechanical Engineer (E.I.T.) OMICRON.

Unrivalled Interoperability

Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivaled interoperability with other CAD design and analysis tools.

  • Integrated Software Package
  • DXF Import
  • gbXML Import Function
  • Dedicated Plug-in Toolbar
  • Dedicated SketchUp Plug-in Toolbar
  • IFC Connection
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