Resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments

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Over the last 20+ years we have built a solid reputation as the leading global innovator in integrated performance based analysis, and we're now home to the largest building analytics team in the world.
Supporting resource-efficient, healthy and cost-effective built-environments, we simulate and analyse data to give those involved in their creation and management the information needed to make smarter, more sustainable decisions with confidence.
Our unique software and technology, is supported by expert consultancy. And our dedicated R&D department ensures our analytical tools and industry knowledge stays pioneering and innovative.

Our Mission

Better Buildings: Smarter Cities

 We deliver technology that reduces the carbon emissions of buildings and cities worldwide. Our ultimate aim is to see that technology used by every building of every city to secure a healthy, sustainable and resource-efficient future.

our history

IES was founded on three fundamental observations: Buildings are major consumers of energy and must be made more efficient to cut CO2 emissions, conserve fossil fuels and preserve the environment for future generations; Historically buildings were generally designed on experience and simplistic performance calculations even though performance-based building simulation had been proven to create buildings that consume significantly less energy; Such building performance tools were too complex and remained in the hands of academics, making little impact on mainstream commercial design.

MEET OUR directors

  • Don McLean

     Founder and Managing Director (CEO)

  • Craig Wheatley

    Chief Technology Officer

  • David McEwan

    Consultancy Director

  • Susan Falconer

    Marketing Director

  • Scott Finlayson

    Finance Director


IES is widely regarded as a world leader in intelligent sustainability solutions for the built environment. As such, IES is fully committed to carrying out all reasonably practicable measures to continually improve its own environmental performance and reduce the impact of its operations. Our biggest impacts, and therefore focuses, are our office & event operations, IT equipment use, and travel.


our Customers & PARtners INCLUDE:

world leaders

Operating in more than 13 countries around the world, across Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East, and Australia, our specialists work with a growing network of partners and associates to deliver truly valuable expertise in building analytics.

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