Reduce Operational Costs, Take Control of Your Data

What influence do you have on your building data? Is it easy to access? What is logged; for how long? We can help you gather, manage and analyse your valuable building data. You could save energy, uncover hidden inefficiencies, reduce costs and drive continuous improvement. Buildings today have increasing volumes of operational data available from Smart Meters, Sub Meters, BMS, Lighting Management, and Door Entry systems, as well as other sensors readings.
Right now, there will be energy controls, equipment and systems within your building that have become inefficient and wasteful because they are outdated, faulty or incorrectly programmed. Identifying the hidden waste typically requires looking at each control or analysing utility bills and hazarding a guess as to the problem and solution. This leads to energy waste remaining undetected and draining resources year-on-year.

Business Benefits

IES uses powerful proprietary technology to undertake big data management and advanced building analytics.


It’s not all just about energy. We can help you hit many targets linked to buildings, whether you want to look at one building or look across both large and small estates.

Let us help you deliver on targets year-on-year, reducing energy use and carbon emissions, increasing maintenance efficiencies, ensuring comfortable internal conditions and maintaining controlled environments for sensitive contents. We can also help you identify which low performing systems and buildings your should target first, and how.


We can help you discover quick wins often with minimal spend, and also help you dig deeper once you’ve uncovered all the obvious solutions.

We have been a fresh pair of eyes for airports, retail companies, and public sector buildings all over the world.


So you can allocate resources more efficiently, reduce business risks, attract tenants, and increase asset and building value. All the time reducing costs and justifying improvement strategies with ROI and payback figures.


Success Stories


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ESOS Auditor

The qualification date for ESOS is 31st December 2014, and qualifying companies must measure energy use over a 12 month period that overlaps with the qualification date, but ends before the compliance date of 5th December 2015. This groundbreaking new ESOS Auditor tool allows you to turn ESOS into an opportunity and discover where you can improve energy efficiency and save money.

ESOS Auditor was developed in conjunction with the Energy Managers Association (EMA) and is accredited as their official tool for ESOS Lead Assessors and their 1+1 Campaign. The tool also produces reports compliant with ESOS.