Block H, Leopardstown

Dublin, Ireland

Block H, Leopardstown

Key Facts

LEED Certification

  • Gold

Core & Shell

  • Office Building

Energy Cost Savings

  • 22.7%

IES Consulting were contracted to perform the LEED Energy modelling for this Core and Shell project. The project comprised of an 8-storey office building, with 3 levels of basement parking, located in Leopardstown, Dublin, Ireland.

The project team incorporated a number of high efficiency features including: high efficiency heat recovery AHUs; a high performance building envelope; and a high efficiency boiler and chiller plant. The temperature within the building atrium will be controlled by means of natural ventilation, with daylight dimming and occupancy detection features helping to further maximise energy savings.

IES Consulting played an instrumental role in helping the design team to optimise the façade design in a way that would minimise cooling requirements in the summer months, while maximising daylight and solar heating in the winter. Using IESVE tools, including SunCast and ApacheSim, the consultants were able to test various shading solutions such as a double skin facade and various configurations of shading louvres, to find the optimum design solution.

The project demonstrated total energy cost savings of 22.7% and succeeded in attaining LEED Gold Certification.