Finlyandsky Rail Terminal (Finland Station)

St. Petersburg, Russia

Finlyandskiy Rail terminal st petersburg energy and daylihgting analysis by IES Consulting

Key Facts


  • Refurbishment Feasibility


  • Daylighting and Energy Analysis

Building Type

  • Rail Terminal

12 Million

  • Passengers Per Annum

IES Consulting conducted a refurbishment feasibility study on the Finlyandsky Rail Terminal in St Petersburg. The study investigated bringing the building's energy status up to modern expectations by intorducing the latest energy efficiency measures. Improved fabric to account for the extreme winter impact on heat loss, capitalising on daylight to reduce the internal lighting load but balancing this with the need to protect against extreme solar gain impact on cooling loads, and understanding the impact of operation on the buildings energy usage.

Finlyandsky Rail Terminal originally opened in 1870 but was rebuilt in its curent guise in 1960. The station is part of high-speed rail line between Saint Petersburg and Helsinki. It serves an estimated 12 million passengers per year.