Nanaimo Regional General Hospital

Nanaimo, Canada

Hospital Energy Modelling & CFD Analysis

Key Facts

Energy Modeling & CFD Analysis

  • Detailed

Below Ground

  • Thermal Labyrinth

Modelled as ECM Vs

  • ASHRAE 90.1

CFD Analysis Assisted

  • Design Optimisation

IES Consulting carried out detailed Energy Modelling and CFD analysis of this healthcare facility in British Columbia, Canada. The main innovative feature of this healthcare facility is a below ground thermal labyrinth, which is used to pre-treat ventilation air by recovering heat and coolth from the adjacent ground during the year.

The below ground labyrinth is modelled as an ECM against ASHRAE Standard 90.1. CFD analysis of the labyrinth assisted in the optimization of its shape, location of internal baffles, and night-flushing control strategy. Other innovative features that were modelled include natural ventilation, dynamic daylight harvesting, dynamic solar shading, and demand-controlled displacement ventilation.