Royal London Hospital

London E1, United Kingdom

Royal London Hospital

Key Facts

Over 7500 zones

  • of model geometry

Part L2A Compliance

  • 2006 Building Regulations

Solar shading

  • complex strategy


  • New-build and refurbished space

IES Consulting was appointed to build a challenging model with geometry of over 7500 zones including the central atrium of this 164,100m2 space, consisting of new-build accommodation and refurbished space. Our consultants also provided a complex solar shading strategy and assessment of successful compliance with Part L2A of the 2006 Building Regulations.

The hospital is now deemed the largest in London. Sealed with no openable windows, to minimise the ingress of dust, dirt and noise, helping control infection, it also helps to provide a hermetically sealed and highly insulated thermal envelope. About 300 air handling plants filter and pump fresh air throughout the building and facilitate the heat recovery system. Solar control glazing and extensive louvres, modelled in the IES VE, provide solar shade and minimise heat loss. Low energy lighting and energy efficient medical equipment also reduce the high energy consumption levels often associated with hospital buildings.