Virtus Datacentre

London, United Kingdom

Virtus Datacentre

Key Facts

Data Halls

  • Six (65,000sf.ft.)

Facility PUE

  • <1.2

Power Infratructure

  • 20 MVA

Power Supply

  • 100% renewable

Cooling System

  • Indirect Fresh Air Evaporative Cooling


  • Excellent

IES Consulting used CFD to model this data hall with in excess of 750 cabinets and part of the flagship Virtus Datacentre Complex in Hayes, London. Cold air was supplied through a wall plenum and provision was made for hot aisle containment to prevent mixing of hot and cold air streams. Cooling load exceeded 2,500kW due to the sheer size of the datahall.

IES performed multiple simulations including the general operation scenario, a check on part load operation, a CRAC failure scenario and an alternative arrangement of CRAC units within the plenum. With access to cloud computing IES could reduce the typical simulation time and provide a faster results delivery to our client.