ZAC Gare des Ardoines

Paris, France

ZAC Gare des Ardoines

Key Facts

Site Area

  • ~1 Million Square Metres

Wind Focus

  • Pedestrian Comfort

Solar Focus

  • Heat Island Effect

IES Consulting performed an urban analysis toward the redevelopment at the approx. 1 million sq.m brownfield site of ZAC Gare des Ardoines in Paris. The site contains over 20 plots with each containing a configuration of blocks serving either a commercial or residential use.

A solar study focused on the heat island effect across the redevelopment, looking at the annual shading distribution across the blocks as well as the surrounding courtyards. Taking into account seasonal effect of the the sun's intensity the impact can be measured and used toward informing the building's shading and glass design strategies.

The wind exposure study focused on understanding the airflow distribution through the redevelopment for a series of typical wind directions, assessing the possible areas where airflow is funnelled creating high turbulence and uncomfortable points for pedestrians. The project aim is to reduce the hot spots of turbulent air so pedestrian seating and standing safety is to an acceptable comfort level.

The project aims to redevelop the ZAC site by 2040 to include the creation of commercial and residential premises. The approach lies in 5 key points:

  1. Reducing emissions of greenhouse gas from the community and country
  2. Fight against energy poverty
  3. Encourage energy conservation
  4. Develop a renewable energy available to all
  5. Adapt the territory and economy to climate change