Russia to Follow UK with BIM Mandate by 2019

By Suzanne Wallace on Wednesday 28 September 2016

Pictured: Guy Eames speaking with Minister Mikhail Menn


Our Business Development Manager for Russia, Guy Eames attended the ProEstate Forum in Moscow recently, where Mikhail Menn, Minister for Construction, Housing and Utilities, announced that the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) is set to become compulsory on all construction projects commissioned by the Russian government from 2019 onwards. This news was widely reported in the Russian construction press.

At the forum, Guy had the pleasure of meeting Minister Mikhail Menn and was asked about BIM in the UK. He advised the minister that the UK leads the world in the implementation of BIM and that the Government aims to reduce costs by up to 33% (20% capex and 13% operational). During his keynote speech, the construction Minister said he had just been talking with the UK delegation and that the UK BIM results reported were “interesting” for Russia. A Press Release showed the Minister greeting the UK delegation, headed by Jonathan Brenton from the British Embassy in Moscow.

The Russian government have been heavily influenced by the British Governments BIM Level 2 mandate, which was implemented from April this year.  Minister Menn claimed that the UK government’s use of BIM was directly responsible for a 30% reduction in construction costs.

In a quote taken from the official press release, the Minister states, “This figure is not an estimate by experts, but comes from actual British experience where BIM has become mandatory for all state funded projects. Our task is to embrace these same solutions employed by our British colleagues and to make the use of BIM compulsory for all state funded projects in Russia”.

Over the last couple of years IES have sought to educate and help the UK industry to adopt BIM through its BIM4Analysis initiative. The initiative provided practitioners with practical examples and expert advice on how to realistically implement BIM with UK Government Soft Landings to improve building performance. The campaign set out to bring performance, in its many guises, to the core of BIM adoption, with an explanation of the tools, processes and guidance that connect an integrated design process with operation.

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