Happy Energy Efficiency Day!

By Suzanne Wallace on Friday 5 October 2018

Today is the 3rd Annual Energy Efficiency Day where a growing network of advocates, companies, government agencies, utilities and others will showcase the benefits of energy efficiency. We’re very proud to be one of those companies!

Energy Efficiency is what we live and breathe at IES. We have been advocating the creation and refurbishment of more energy efficient buildings since our very beginnings. It’s what we do and it’s what our software, the IES Virtual Environment, helps others to do.

The tagline for Energy Efficiency Day 2018 is ‘Save Energy. Save Money.’ We’re proud to say that we have been helping people to do this for decades. So, as part of this years’ Energy Efficiency Day we thought we’d show you a few examples of how we’ve done this and are continuing to do so.

Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland

Glasgow Life sought support from IES Consulting after identifying that one particular building in its portfolio – the Riverside Museum - was performing especially poorly against other properties and energy management KPIs.

Annual Cost savings: £52.3K        

Combined Gas and Electric savings: 44%

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Capitol Tower, Houston, Texas

IES Consulting were tasked by Skanska USA Commercial Development to collaborate with Gensler to design a building which would be a minimum of 25% better than the most current energy code.

Energy Consumption reduced by: 1,523 MBTU

Energy Cost reduced by: $35,979

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John Lewis, York, UK

When John Lewis asked Lateral Technologies to help create its most sustainable store ever, the mechanical and electrical design consultancy not only had to come up with a BREEAM outstanding design, but also find a way of ensuring the design lives up to expectation.

Carbon Reduction: 35-40%

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La Jolla Commons II, California, United States

IES used their building operation consulting services to incorporate real-building data to better inform design and operation for La Jolla Commons II Office in San Diego, a facility that is believed to be the largest net-zero energy building in the U.S.

Energy Status: Net-Zero

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IES Consulting

As you can see from the projects above, saving energy and saving money is our specialty. Through the use of our unique and innovative technology, our consultants use proven methods to conduct expert performance modelling which is integrated into every stage of the building lifecycle. Whether it’s helping you to take control of your data and uncover hidden inefficiencies, monitoring your BMS data to fine tune your building controls, or working closely with your team to integrate sustainable design strategies from conceptual design through to operations and maintenance, our consultants are using these techniques and more to help hundreds of projects across the globe achieve optimal energy efficiency.

For more details visit www.iesve.com/consulting/services#building-operation  

Powerstation Campaign

It’s not just all about saving energy though. If we look at the bigger picture, it’s actually about saving our planet in order for future generations to survive. A recent report from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has shown that last year atmospheric CO2 reached its highest in 800,000 years. Our responsibility to protect the earth as much as possible is what drives IES. Our Virtual Environment (VE) technology helps tens of thousands of industry professionals create sustainable buildings and intelligent cities and communities that consume significantly less energy. Last year we calculated that we’d saved over 26 power stations from having to be built. Now at just over 29, our real-time counter continues to let us know how much energy we are saving. We’re reaching out to the industry to help us save 100 power stations from being built.

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