IES Headquarters Glasgow: Adaptive Thermal Comfort Study

By Suzanne Wallace on Wednesday 24 October 2018

Earlier this year overheating issues were uncovered in the downstairs area of our Glasgow headquarters, causing discomfort to staff in this area. Using their expertise along with the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE), our consultants carried out an Adaptive Thermal Comfort Study to find a solution.

The specific issues were found to be:

o    Poor air conditions which can be attributed to the deep office and lack of ventilation
o    This resulted in the occurrence of uncomfortable conditions 
o    Members of staff complaining about overheating

By carrying out relevant performance analysis using the IESVE, IES Consulting discovered that a change in shading devices used in this area would make a significant improvement to the conditions and be the most cost effective solution. Therefore by carrying out simple performance analysis techniques to test and verify a number of solutions they were able to save significantly on costs.

An opening guide to ensure correct operation and optimal comfort, was also drawn up by our consultants. This was based on the findings of the analysis, providing staff with detailed instructions depending on season, the position of the sun and the best way to promote cross-flow ventilation and eliminate cold drafts.

Since the blinds have been installed staff at the Glasgow headquarters have provided consultants with positive feedback, noting a marked improvement in air conditions and comfort. Temperature profiles captured through monitoring equipment allow us to compare results of a similar day before and after the blinds were installed. The graph below shows a significant drop in temperature in the area after the blinds were fitted.

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