Your views needed on Certification in Building Performance Modelling – Survey by new CIBSE BSG CERT Group

By Edwina Cramp on Friday 2 November 2018

Building Performance Modelling is far from a new concept and with climate change presenting increasing challenges to our built environment, the need to predict and improve building comfort and energy performance has increased over the past decade, and the technology to enable this has also significantly evolved.

Here at IES we know that Building Performance Modelling can significantly reduce the impact that buildings and cities have on the environment. We’ve discovered 12% energy savings for an existing net-zero energy building in the tropics and developed a prototype community interaction model which enables real-time visualisation of energy data within a low-energy community in Nottingham.

Building Performance Modelling has the potential to revolutionise how we design, build, refurbish and operate the buildings in our local communities. However, at present, no training or certification exists in the UK for modellers to prove competence in delivering models in areas such as thermal comfort & CFD (airflow).

In response to this, the CIBSE BSG CERT Group has been set-up by the CIBSE Building Simulation Group to evaluate the need for additional certification within the Building performance Modelling sector and address any shortfall identified. Our very own Naghman Khan is on the executive committee.

They have developed the following questionnaire for building performance modellers to help form the future of certification in building performance modelling and would welcome your input.

Please complete the questionnaire HERE

The group will also be holding a roundtable workshop at Build 2 Perform Live on 27th November where the results of the survey will be discussed.

Your answers to the questions will assist the CIBSE BSG CERT group in their mission to develop certification and help raise the profile of Building Performance Modelling in the UK. For more information go to the CIBSE BSG website.