I am delighted to introduce you to the ICL (Intelligent Communities LifeCycle) – a suite of interconnected decision support tools that facilitates the planning, design and operation of energy efficient and sustainable cities, communities, campuses, portfolios, buildings and local networks.

The IES team have been working extremely hard over the past few years to develop this sophisticated suite of tools that will revolutionise the way we plan and design communities and use energy, whether that be a university campus or entire continent.

Climate Change is a very real threat, and much more imminent than most people realise. Over the last 25 years we’ve built a solid reputation as a leading innovator in sustainable analytics for individual buildings and we’ve made a huge impact, eliminating the need for around 30 power stations to be built.

With the ICL we can now apply sustainable analysis to communities of any size or purpose, enabling people to look at energy use holistically at a much larger scale. To do this successfully we need leaders who can lead their community and evolve these smart concepts into truly intelligent solutions, which will have a measurable and lasting impact upon climate change. If each Leader looks after their small footprint, in time, we can cover the earth.

The ICL technology brings the opportunity to make a massive difference to the fight against climate change, and secure a much better future for our children and future generations.

Join me for our free launch webinar on 30th April to find out more.