GeoPlanIT Blog's Review of the ICL

By Suzanne Wallace on Wednesday 24 April 2019

In the lead up to the launch of the Intelligent Communities Lifecycle (ICL) we caught up with Elliot Hartley, CEO of Garsdale Design and writer for his GeoPlanIT blog. As a 3D GeoDesign expert, Elliot was intrigued by the ICL and keen to find out more… After a chat with our MD Don McLean and a sneak preview of the new tools, he kindly offered to write a review for his blog. Here’s an extract of what he had to say…

One of the memorable demos they gave me was being able to view through a web browser a 3D model of a group of buildings and explore their performance metrics. Obviously, I’m used to the 3D side of things so it’s more the detail and back-end that intrigues me. Yes, many people can do this but the proposal here is about integration of monitoring systems with planning and design tools.

This visual web platform was integrated with design tools that they have integrated into Trimble’s SketchUp (a tool many planners and Architects should be familiar with). So, using their SketchUp integrated design tools you can model a building with built in performance metrics and upload it to be integrated with a wider model and see the impact on a range of indicators. The SketchUp tool also allows for the production of dashboards too which is nice! All of this whilst being in the context of pre-existing and monitored buildings. Again, I don’t think these are necessarily new ideas but the live demo showing designs and updates were impressive (having done live demos before I know how nervous this can make you).

Now to me all this does actually sound like a proper implementation of ‘digital twin’ concepts. Live data actually updating a model within a digital environment? No not necessarily a 3D model here, like the 2D map of CHP unit efficiency monitoring above. Also, all of this allowing for design and scenario modelling? I think this is very interesting!

You can read Elliot’s full write up via https://www.geoplanit.co.uk/?p=4575

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