Intelligent Control and Analysis 

A Single Platform to Optimise the Operational Performance of Buildings

Cut through the clutter and confusion of building data.

iSCAN allows you to centralise any time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform. Organise and analyse this data to gain hidden insights to improve building or portfolio operation.

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Features and Benefits

One Login

One login to central platform reduces the reliance on multiple users / logins.

Organise Data

Organise and tag multiple data sources, formats and time intervals.

Connect Data

Make connections between different data sets.

Customise Data

Create bespoke data rules, alerts and dashboards.

Intelligent Data Interrogation

Automated Insights

Visualise and gain automated insights to uncover hidden inefficiencies, save energy and reduce costs.

Continuous Fault Detection

Take advantage of continuous fault detection if live data connection is enabled.

Fill Data Gaps

Smart tools to help review data and fill data gaps.

Cross Analyse Data

Cross analyse data from different sources in one platform.

But my BMS already does that. No, it doesn't...

  • BMS plots are not as interactive as modern analytics and tend to be slow and unresponsive.
  • BMS Dashboards require you to know at initial setup what a user is going to want to see for the duration of the BMS' life. 
  • BMS Alarm functionality is rules based and requires you to know fault details in advance. 
  • Often BMS software is limited to a particular PC, with heavily restricted access. 

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iSCAN in action

Watch our 3 minute video which shows you around the iSCAN tool so you can see the technology in action.

Get an understanding of the look and feel and capabilites of the tool. See how you can use this technology to centralise any time-series data from different BMS systems, utility meters, sensors and portable data loggers in one platform.


Case Studies

Explore how leading innovators like you are harnessing the power of iSCAN with our interconnected ICL platform.

What our Customers Say

The level of detail provided by the iSCAN model is incredible, enabling us to analyse how everything from the HVAC to the escalators to the catering equipment is performing.

Paul Paterson
Sustainability Design Manager, Lateral Technologies

The detailed and comprehensive information that sits behind this data collection and analysis project has been invaluable. We have been able to adopt a much more focussed approach, adjust bandwidths to save energy and costs, and work more effectively with our maintenance contractors to resolve issues.

Isabel Brown
Head of Infrastructure Support, Glasgow Life

If the IES data analysis procedures and system were rolled out across the Glasgow Life estate it would be of great assistance to my role as Energy Conservation Officer across the portfolio, and have a beneficial impact both environmentally and financially for Glasgow Life.

Robert McQueen
Energy Conservation Officer, Glasgow Life

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