Simulation in Real Time for Manufacturing with Zero Defects

PROJECT STATUS: In Progress (Oct 2016 - Mar 2020)

Two core challenges for European industry are zero-defect manufacturing and production process flexibility. Simulation tools linked with measurements can allow real-time control, leading to higher precision and flexibility of production lines. In particular, the simulation models can forecast the quality of products depending on several parameters (such as dimension and materials) accounting for variations in supply of the components. The models leverage actual data from real time measurements to predict the quality of future products, allowing to control the production line in real time, by adjusting to design specifications or changing them to produce custom batches.

However, the currently available models are far too complex and time consuming to produce usable results in the right time frame. STREAM-0D will use Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) techniques to increase exponentially the speed of the simulation, running models in real time even on tablets and smart phones. These highly efficient models will control production in real time, collecting and providing data in the cloud for continuous analysis and refinement.

IES will lead the activities related with cloud-based technologies, especially focusing on cloud storage and computing, data acquisition and cloud-based communications for the interoperability of the different tools. IES will also develop data-driven modelling and re-calibration techniques, together with algorithms for the simulation and reduced order models. 

IES will also be responsible for the creation of a high performance computing cloud, accessible via a web-enabled database platform, providing secure collection, storage and accessibility of the data continuously collected and generated by the models. The platform will include features for data-checking, validation and error flagging, and support the creation of virtual sensors and quality indicators through a user friendly interface. 

The STREAM-0D cloud based real time tools will be tested in three real process chains of the automotive sector, covering different types of production methods, products, materials and manufacturing processes.