Energy System Transition Through Stakeholder Activation, Education and Skills

Aims to map Europe’s energy system (key actors & their intersections, technologies, markets, policies, innovations) and deliver an in-depth understanding of how human behaviour around energy is shaped by both technological systems and socio-demographic factors (esp. gender, age and socio-economic status). New understandings of energy related practices and an intersectional approach to the socio-demographic factors in energy use will be deployed to enhance stakeholder engagement in Europe’s energy transition.

A key concept informing the research is that of energy citizenship, with a goal of ENTRUST being to enable individuals to overcome barriers of gender, age and socio-economic status to become active participants in their own energy transitions. Deliverables will include a policy tool-kit incorporating contemporary best practice in promoting energy transitions at a Europe-wide level; and a suite of innovative tools designed to stimulate dialogue, break down barriers to behaviour change and drive the adoption of new technologies at a community level.


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