Welcome to the IES simulation cloud

We are introducing a range of cloud services to complement our VE software.  The first of these is our SunCast Simulation service.

Through the use of supercomputing, SunCast results can now be simulated in a fraction of the time it would take on a standard desktop.  This quick and cost-effective resource offers VE users with current SunCast licences huge advantages, allowing them to expand the number of additional scenarios studied and to introduce additional city scale geometry that may have previously been left out of the modelled environment.  Solar results of large and complex buildings with multiple scenarios can be run simultaneously, giving users the freedom to run other elements of the VE.

The service provides:

  • The option to run multiple SunCast options for models at the same time.
  • Allow customers to run parallel calculations simultaneously
  • Results usually within same working day
  • Analysis of urban city scale master planning models

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How many credits does a simulation cost?

Model size  
Label Surfaces   Windows Credits
Small <5,000 & <1,000 1
Medium <10,000 & <2,000 4
Large <20,000 & <3,000 10
XL <30,000 & <3,500 20
XXL unlimited   unlimited 50