IES TaP - WHat's New?

New Features & Updates to IES TaP

What's New?

The IES TaP system is continually updated with new features and updates to enhance the user experience. We welcome customer feedback and take all respones into consideration when updating the system. Many of our additons have been added in repsonse to customer requests. If you would like to submit any feedback, please click here.


The IES TaP system interface has been amended over recent months to include the use of tabs. Tabs allow us to condense the information on the page efficiently, improving the users ability to engage with the information on the system. 

Document Details

There is now a separate tab for “Document References” – this makes the page shorter when there are multiple references.

  • The status is colour coded to highlight.
  • The reference number and referenced file name have been condensed into the same row.

credit details

Validation statements are now contained in the progress panel thereby condensing the web page. Also, when at combined PCR stage, the credit progress of each stage is shown in tabs.

credit details

When at combined PCR stage, the evidence requirements of each stage are shown in tabs.

Automatic role assignment

For projects using BREEAM New Construction 2014 version 4.1 and above comes a new feature to make it even easier to assign responsibility to the project team.. When your project is created, responsibility is automatically allocated to the role which would typically provide the evidence. So when you know which project member will be carrying out that role on the project, simply add them into the role and they will automatically be assigned all the corresponding evidence.

Commenting updates

A number of reports in the Report Centre now have the option to include comments, with a number of options on which comments to display. You can now also add comments under a ‘category’ – this is useful if you want to group comments under a meeting for example “AP Meeting 1” and create a report specifically for that meeting.

New report output filters

The Criteria Summary Report now has a number of settings to make this a really flexible and powerful report. These options give the ability to change the sorting, select which columns and data values you want to include, show responsibility and include the evidence requirements. Want to produce a traffic light report to show outstanding credits and evidence along with responsibility? This is your place.

Project Scenarios

Project scenarios provides tools to create unlimited scenarios for your project. This could be creating multiple pre-assessments at a fixed point in time, to create a gap analysis on how to achieve a higher rating, or to simulate what the impact on changes to the project design. Scenarios come with all the reporting options as a normal project.

Export to Excel

A number of reports in the Report Centre now have the option to export as Excel along with the usual print options.

Auto Approve Assessor Uploads feature

With this set to “Auto Approve” any documents uploaded by users in the Assessor roles will be automatically set to approve.  This speeds up the upload process when the assessor knows that the document is approved so they don’t have to go through the whole approval process.