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Latest Features 

VE 2016

ISM Interface for ApacheHVAC

Integrated System Management (ISM) interface is a brand new approach that simplifies the way you can access detailed HVAC system modelling, making the use of ApacheHVAC easier and more efficient, and still with access to all the detail you’ll ever need.

  • One dialog now provides user-friendly access to editing inputs and viewing derived values for all significant airside HVAC system parameters
  • Users can still take full advantage of the flexibility and customisation offered by component-based HVAC network modelling
  • The Edit Multiplex dialog is also upgraded to facilitate more efficient workflow

System Parameters dialog

  • Improved access, layout, labelling, and editing of airside system parameters
  • Visual and text feedback for status of system edits, errors, and autosizing
  • Expanded tools and flexibility for ventilation, exhaust, and transfer air
  • Support for ASHRAE 62.1 Appendix A and ASHRAE 170 for Healthcare

System Parameters links

  • A robust and user-friendly system of selectable links for coupling the System Parameters dialog to a broad range of component and controller applications

Zones Tabular Edit dialog

  • Configurable spreadsheet-like tabular interface for editing, review, and QA
  • Import and export from spreadsheets

ModelViewer: Scenes

Define and save multiple view positions and parameters as "scenes" - this allows the user to save the camera’s position for a preferred viewpoint

  • Scenes are saved with your model – no need to reset the camera position
  • Save views and view attributes within Input Data Visualisation
  • View real time shadows on the 3D model - set a series of scenes for the same day of each month
  • Scenes can be imported - so that preferred viewpoints / styles for showing data on the model(s) can be easily reused
  • Images can be exported - for consistency within your reports or presentations

ModelIT: Select & Assign

 We’ve redesigned this tool and added more intuitive functionality:

  • Improved and clearer UI for easier understanding and more efficient use
  • Select by ‘matching’ properties or define specific criteria – slider bars control the tolerance
  • Combine multiple ‘match’ criteria


More sources of surrounding building information, and more efficient ways of selecting the data that you’d like to import

  • ShapeFile and gml import support now included
  • Enhanced Open Street Map (OSM) import

Content Manager

  • Easy to find all your reports as they’re now stored in one place: Content Manager
  • Report history is maintained and all versions are stored, so it’s easy to see how your design has progressed
  • Reports categorised by type (Compliance / Loads, LEED etc) so that they can be easily found

Real calendars 

  • Calendars can now include leap days
  • Operational data for real buildings can be assessed properly when doing post occupant assessment, monitoring & verification etc.


  • SketchUp plugin now supports SketchUp 2016