VE-Pro Analysis Tools



Energy & Carbon Analysis
  • Dynamic Thermal Simulation
  • Temperature Distribution
  • Building Fabric Design
  • Thermal Mass
  • Energy Consumption Predictions
  • Carbon Emission Predictions
Interrogation of Low-Carbon Strategies
  • Passive Design
  • Mixed-Mode (Hybrid) Systems
  • Natural Ventilation
  • Façade Design


Related Modules

ModelITRequired to operate
ApacheCalcAdd heat loss and heat gain loads calculations (CIBSE Guide) – Shares Input data
MacroFloEnhances calculation – Import passive/hybrid ventilation system and bulk airflow results
VE-DSMAdd UK Building Regulations – Export results to undertake compliance calculations using DSM method
SunCastEnhances calculation – Import solar shading and penetration information
MicroFloEnhances calculation – Export boundary conditions for CFD analysis
ApacheHVACEnhances calculation – Import detailed HVAC systems and controls information
ApacheLoadsAdd heating and cooling loads calculations (ASHRAE Heat Balance Method) – Shares Input data
RadianceIESEnhances calculation – Import daylight dimming information

Technical Details

Fast Accurate thermal simulation is now an essential part of successful low-energy, high-performance building design.  ApacheSim is a central simulation processer which enables you to assess every aspect of thermal performance as well as share results and input across a wide variety of other VE-Pro modules.

  • ApacheSim is comprised of the following tools:
    • Apache
    • ApacheEngine
    • Vista & VistaPro
    • ApacheView
    • ApachePro
    • ApacheLocate
    • Constructions Database

How it works

Calculations are based on first-principles models of heat transfer process and are driven by real weather data.

Data Entry Options

  • Extensive database of global weather
  • Data detailing layer-by-layer thermo-physical properties of building elements
  • Comprehensive data on glazing systems including angle-dependent transmissivity and absorptivity
  • Sensible and latent gains from lights, equipment and occupants
  • Natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation and infiltration
  • Plant operation profiles
  • Plant efficiency and fuel characteristics
  • Powerful facilities for assigning and editing time-varying room data such as plant, casual gains and air exchanges
  • Database of constructions
    • Configurable using Tabular edit function
  • Time-series profiles
  • Tabular Edit feature for Building Template Manager & NCM (for UK Part L)

Free Navigator Capabilities

These innovative, easy to follow workflows enhance capabilities already available within ApacheSim.  They incorporate Quality Assurance (QA) and offer guidance on key functionality from set-up through to simulation; saving users valuable time, and promoting easy team collaboration and training.

  • Geometry
    • Import BIM
  • Data
    • Location/Weather
    • Constructions
    • ApacheSystems
    • Space templates
    • Room Groupings (data)
    • Tools
  • Module Analysis
    • Building Energy (solar pre-sim requires SunCast)
    • Building Loads (solar pre-calcs requires SunCast) 
  • Compliance
    • AIA 2030 Challenge

Analysis options

  • User-controlled time steps down to 1 minute
  • Idealised or detailed HVAC plant modeling
  • Options for natural and mechanical ventilation; specify flows in advance or calculate using MacroFlo and ApacheHVAC
  • Choice of models for internal and external convection
  • Advanced Tariff Analysis feature allows complex utility tariffs such as varying Demand Side Management to be quickly set for easy comparison.

Output Options

ApacheSim’s output database can be browsed to interrogate every aspect of building thermal performance, from individual surface temperatures to annual energy consumption.

  • Results displayed in Vista and VistaPro, along with the weather data used to drive the simulation
  • Results accessible via graphical views of the building with interrogation of data possible at a hierarchy of levels:
    • Building
    • Room
    • Surface
    • Opening
  • A wide range of tables and graphs are produced for results analysis including monthly summaries, ranges or user-specified synopses.
  • Room performance indicators include:
    • Room temperatures: air, mean, radiant, dry, resultant
    • ISO comfort indices: predicted mean Vote (PMV) and percentage of people Dissatisfied (PPD)
    • Room Loads: heating, cooling, humidification, dehumidification
    • Loads breakdowns: casual and solar gains, conduction and ventilation losses, plant inputs
    • Surface temperatures
    • Energy Consumption: Annual, Monthly, hourly
  • Building and System performance indicators include:
    • Totals of room and ventilation loads: heating cooling, humidification, dehumidification
    • HVAC Loads
    • Systems energy form Idealised plant heating and cooling energy or from ApacheHVAC linked simulation
    • Energy Consumption: Annual, Monthly, hourly
    • Carbon Emissions for system and building; option to breakdown by fuel
    • Tariff analysis: operational cost reductions linked to energy consumption & fuel tariffs
  • Multiple results can be displayed simultaneously or aggregated
  • Results can be displayed in both metric or Imperial (US) units
  • Results can be exported to other windows applications for use in reports, presentations and further analysis


Virtually test and quickly compare different approaches to optimise the energy performance of your design

Technical rigor - comprehensive thermal simulation with intuitive easy-to-use 3D interface

Acts as central simulation processor for other IES analysis tools integrating simultaneous assessment of interactions


Latest Features

  • Latest Features VE 2012
  • - New Tabular Edit feature for Building Template Manager & NCM (for UK Part L):
  • o Set Parameters
  • o Import/Export to Excel
  • o Filter/Sort functions
  • o Rapid data proliferation etc.
  • - Enhancements to the Construction Database:
  • o Configurable in same way as Tabular Edits now
  • o Export/Import to Excel
  • o Filter/Sort functions
  • - VistaPro (Beta) Updated to be quicker and more reliable


Thermal Comfort Analysis - % People Dissatisfied5.9 Colouring People DissatisfiedTextured WindVE Thermal Study, using ApacheSim, showing colour coded zones based on Solar Gain in the space at a specific time step.

Unrivalled Interoperability

Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivaled interoperability with other CAD design and analysis tools.

  • Integrated Software Package
  • DXF Import
  • Two-way Data Connection
  • gbXML Import Function
  • Dedicated Plug-in Toolbar
  • Dedicated SketchUp Plug-in Toolbar
  • IFC Connection


Manufacturer Tools

  • Monodraught Cool-phase
  • Daikin UK
  • Monodraught Windcatcher
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