VE-Pro Analysis Tools

VE-Navigator for LEED


  • Automated LEED rating system credit assessments
  • Daylighting, comfort, water and renewables
  • LEED NC V2.2/V3, LEED SchoolsV1/V3 and LEED Core and Shell V2/V3.
  • Produce reports suitable for use with LEED letter templates

Related Modules

ModelITHighly recommended, but not required if using the SketchUp™ plug-in or Revit® plug-in

Technical Details

Our innovative new VE-Navigator concept provides a robust and detailed step-by-step structured workflow, which streamlines the process and ensures no step is missed.

The IES VE-Navigator for LEED automates credit assessment across daylighting, comfort, water and renewables for LEED NC V2.2/V3, LEED SchoolsV1/V3 and LEED Core and Shell V2/V3. It offers the ability to input and manipulate exact building data and produce reports suitable for use with LEED letter templates.


Covers LEED Credit EQ8.1. Simple 25fc (300 lux) threshold (75% spaces) or Advanced 25fc inc. light penetration (75% spaces) options available. Ability to define what spaces are included in the analysis. Output includes pass/fail result, previous run comparison, visual floor-by-floor movie and tabular results to enable easy identification of marginal fail rooms.


Covers LEED Credit EQ7.1. ASHRAE 55 – 2004 compliant assessment method – occupied area must meet predicted mean vote (PMV) +0.5 to -0.5. Output includes pass/fail result, previous run comparison, fly round movie and room by room table to enable easy identification of rooms that fail.


Covers LEED Credits WE2, 3.1, 3.2 (V2.2) and WE Pre 1, 2, 3 (2009). EPA – 1992 data; water use reduction calculation and innovative waste water technology (option 1).  Editable appliance data. Output includes pass/fail result, water stress significance, and reduction achieved with breakdown.


Covers LEED Credits EA2 & 6. Carbon reduction based on simulation data and user selected low/zero-carbon technology. Output includes indicative pass/fail results, CO2 breakdown by end-use and proposed contribution of technology to emissions reduction. Although not part of EA2 credit, low carbon technologies are included, as in some scenarios they may be more effective at reducing CO2 emissions.


Revolutionary easy to use step-by-step guidance from model setup, to data assignment, to simulation

Concise reporting with interactive filters for easy interrogation

Unique built-in QA functionality – design team collaboration and tracking

Improved modelling efficiency and accuracy

Significant time saving leading to rapid iteration



VE Gaia Output Leed Water CroppedVE Gaia Output LEED WaterVE Gaia LEED Daylighting

Unrivalled Interoperability

Integrating Performance Analysis into the heart of the design process, IES offers an unrivaled interoperability with other CAD design and analysis tools.

  • Integrated Software Package
  • DXF Import
  • Two-way Data Connection
  • gbXML Import Function
  • Dedicated Plug-in Toolbar
  • Dedicated SketchUp Plug-in Toolbar
  • IFC Connection


Manufacturer Tools

  • Monodraught Cool-phase
  • Daikin UK
  • Monodraught Windcatcher
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