MicroFlo training will concentrate on best practice approaches for setting up general computational fluid dynamics exercises. This allows the user to become familiar with the IES Virtual Environment CFD based tool.

Learning Outcomes

  • General background to understanding CFD, model convergence and setup.
  • Automatic extraction (from thermal model) or manual setup of appropriate boundary conditions in the CFD models
  • Macroflo boundary import.
  • Component modelling discussion and approaches used in Microflo.
  • Engine solver control and manipulation.
  • Typical post-processing examples will be shown including age of air and air change efficiency.
  • On completion of this training course you will be able to setup typical internal & external CFD models using Microflo.

Course Level:

  • Standard


  • 3 hrs

Target Audience

  • Competent users of the prerequisite tools above.

Upcoming Dates

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