The IESVE plug-in for Revit into IES enables the direct translation of models for performance analysis within any of our tools: VE-Ware, VE-Toolkits VE-Gaia and VE-Pro. This training course will outline how to export geometry from Revit into the IES Virtual Environment using the Revit into IES plug-in.

Our experts will introduce you to the checklist necessary for your Revit model before translation to a design or building performance model. We'll guide you through the entire workflow process, and offer you support on common geometry transfer issues. 

To discuss your requirements or to set up a session in your timezone, please get in touch with us at or call UK: +44 (0) 141 945 8500.

Learning Outcomes

  • On completion of this training course you will be able to export models from Revit into the <VE>.
  • Master the 'Golden Rules' to easy geometry transfer
  • Ensure your energy model mirrors your main BIM model after geometry transfer
  • Reduce Building Performance Simulation times by simplifying geometry
  • You will see how to set building location, construction data and HVAC systems data using the plug-in.

Course Level:

  • Beginner


  • 1 hr 30 mins

Target Audience

  • Revit Users

Upcoming Dates

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