This training course will provide attendees with an introduction to the Virtual Environment (VE) and some of its key features. The session has been designed specifically for new users to get started and to understand the capabilities of the software.

Learning Outcomes


  • Layout of the software and function of modules
  • Introduction to navigators (focus on 90.1 PRM)  
  • Open, save and archive VE project file
  • HVAC methodology

Location and Weather

  • Selecting location, design weather conditions and simulation weather files


  • Drawing a simple multi-storey building with windows, doors, plenums and shading devices in ModelIt
  • Import from Revit and Sketchup
  • Room groups and grouping schemes


  • Solar shading analysis in Suncast


  • Introduction to apache construction database manager
  • Creating, editing and assigning constructions

Internal gains

  • Introduction to building template manager and tabular space data
  • Creating, editing and assigning internal gains
  • Introduction to ApProfiles

HVAC systems

  • System, Schedules & Setpoints
  • Introduction to HVAC system library
  • Importing HVAC system and assigning spaces
  • Open and save HVAC files
  • Introduction to system parameters
  • Hot water, chilled water loops and other heating/cooling equipment

Autosizing and loads

  • Room/zone loads and system autosizing
  • System and room/zone loads reports

Annual simulation and results

  • Apache dynamic simulation
  • Energy end use results in vistapro
  • Unmet loads hours
  • Demonstration of building performance rating method report

Course Level:

  • Beginner


  • 2 hrs

Target Audience

  • New Users
  • Users looking to refresh skills

Upcoming Dates

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