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Only by looking at buildings and cities as the integrated environments that they are - instead of parts of the problem in isolation - can we ensure everyone involved in the conception, design or management of a building gets to leave our world in a much better state than we inherited it.

Based in Australia? Join our CEO Dr Don McLean for a free Breakfast Briefing

by Suzanne Wallace

We’re delighted to announce our CEO, Dr Don McLean will be hosting four free Breakfast Briefings throughout Australia in the…

IES and Monodraught release new components within the VE

by Suzanne Wallace

This week we announced that we have been collaborating with Monodraught to release further performance components within the IESVE. The…

ENTRUST Project – Power to the People

by John Goucher

The following piece is an extract from the January 2017 issue of Impact, a publication that features science reports designed…

IES and Breathing Buildings collaborate to provide new VE performance component

by Suzanne Wallace

We’ve been working with Breathing Buildings for several months now, and today we’re excited to announced the result of that…

Aorangi House, Wellington, New Zealand

by Suzanne Wallace

Beca Engineers used the IES Virtual Environment to help Aorangi House become the first refurbished office building in New Zealand…

IES at Ecobuild 2017 – Join us at stand F118

by Suzanne Wallace

Ecobuild 2017 kicks off tomorrow and we’re excited about what the show has in store. Positioned in a prime location…

Guidelines for Specifying Weathershift™ Future Weather Files

by Suzanne Wallace

In December last year we announced our partnership with Arup and Argos Analytics to make WeatherShift™ future weather data available for…

VE 2017 is now Live!

by Suzanne Wallace

VE 2017 is our biggest release to date! With 25 major new features, as well as lots of smaller enhancements,…

IES Selected as Ecobuild and M&S Big Innovation Finalist

by Suzanne Wallace

IES has been chosen as one of the 5 finalists for this years’ Ecobuild and M&S Big Innovation Pitch. At…

Save the world with our new Interoperability Navigator, time to be a super hero!

by Niall Gibson

IES recently held our annual BIM4Analysis Faculty webinar. There were two main areas for discussion: Our new BIM Interoperability Navigator…

EnerZam Consultants, Quebec, Canada

by Suzanne Wallace

EnerZam Consultants is composed of architects, engineers and technicians specialized in building energy efficiency. Using the VE, EnerZam’s team brings…

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