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As the UK moves towards zero carbon, design teams need technical guidance on how to deliver high-performing buildings.

CIBSE’s technical memorandums aim to provide just that. Predicting overheating in buildings (TM52), assessing the risk of overheating in homes (TM59), evaluating operational energy use at the design stage (TM54) and building performance modelling to measure & verify energy performance in-use (TM63) are just a few examples of the methodologies developed to help designers, contractors and building managers close the performance gap and create more efficient, comfortable, net-zero buildings.

Our IESVE software is recommended by CIBSE to undertake the analyses required by each TM, while our building performance experts provide a range of modelling services to support these methodologies.

Thermal Modelling for Overheating

Operational Performance Models

Natural / Mechanical Ventilation Strategies

Solar / Lighting Strategies

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Import and export data from VE models and export data from results files using the Python programming language. Download Parametrics Scripts to undertake analysis for CIBSE TM54 and the TM59 Analysis Report.

CIBSE Weather Data

Download CIBSE Weather Data for both 2006 and 2016 directly from the IES website. Test Reference year (TRY) and Design Summer Year (DSY) available based on current weather data and future predicted climate change data (UK Climate Impacts Programme).

IES Consulting Services

The introduction of schemes and methodologies such as the recently updated CIBSE operational energy TMs, on top of existing regulations and requirements, may seem overwhelming. However, IES Consulting are on hand to take your model to the next level.

On-Demand Webinar: Using IESVE for CIBSE TM54 Analysis

With a special guest speaker from CIBSE, this webinar provided the key updates to CIBSE TM54 methodology and the implications for the building performance community, and an introduction how to undertake the assessment using IESVE 2022.

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Training Resources

Take advantage of our training courses and 'Upskill for IES' sessions to see how IESVE can be used to undertake CIBSE TM calculations. 

Further Resources


CIBSE TM54 & TM63: Operational Modelling with IES


Python in the VE: VE Scripts - TM54:2022 example


CIBSE TM52, TM59 & Part O: Overheating Assessments with IES

Case Study

Holland Park: CIBSE TM59 Assessment

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