Modelling for Safer Workplaces

Building modelling informs effective return to workplace strategies

IES Consulting are recognised experts in analysing buildings and we are already helping clients understand how they can best adapt their buildings to create a safer return to the workplace strategy. Using proven 3D modelling methods we can analyse the measures building owners and employers could take to create a safe working environment for those employees needing a suitable workplace when it is possible to return.

Current CIBSE advice is to provide additional fresh air ventilation to dilute the space and reduce the risk of infection. This was backed up by a recent BBC report that explored the importance of getting fresh air into buildings to avoid catching coronavirus indoors. The scale of potential change may seem overwhelming, however our building modelling and simulation techniques can help remove the guesswork and increase confidence in the workplace environment. 

We can help you to make informed decisions on ventilation strategies, the room layout, safer levels of maximum occupancy, distances between occupants, cleaning/hygiene strategies and the impact of face coverings. Compare multiple scenarios to refine your strategy and work towards a safer transition back to building occupancy.

How we can help

IES Consulting can help you to assess the impact of potential retrofit strategies and operational adjustments to your workplaces. 


Plan effective space layouts 

  • Model space layouts to plan safer and effective room layout, levels of maximum occupancy and distances between occupants. 
  • Health over comfort - understand effective space strategies and where the limit exists between managing room temperature and workplace regulations, especially during winter months. 
  • Layouts and strategies are customised to your space, helping you to understand the most effective measures to make the space safer for all. 


Visualise areas of potential contamination 

  • CFD analysis of workstation locations can identify possible contamination from occupants talking, coughing or sneezing. Highlighting the mitigating effects of ventilation, office layout, cleaning/good hygiene, and the use of face coverings.
  • Pinpoint surfaces with the greatest risk exposure. 
  • Remove the invisibility - results are displayed in a way that is easy to understand, showing the amount of particles distributed by each activity and where they land in the space.

Identify suitable ventilation strategies 

  • Using Dynamic Thermal Simulation we can analyse both mechanical and natural airflow to determine ventilation strategies dependent on variables such as season, wind speed and wind direction to ensure regular air changes to minimise contamination. 
  • Measures to improve natural ventilation are critical for reducing pollutants, including diluting viral load to reduce potential infection. 
  • We can provide an easy to use tool for building managers to visualise and implement a ventilation strategy suitable to the environmental conditions.

Comprehensive data visualisations 

  • Clear technical information and visualisation, including 3D model based visualisation. 
  • Easily understand and clearly communicate results through comprehensive images and videos. You don't need to be a scientist!  
  • Visually dynamic outputs provide reassurance to employees that with appropriate measures the office can be a safer place. It eliminates the invisibility of the virus threat, emphasising the importance of adhering to the safety measures. 

Helping to Create a Safer Return to the Workplace Plan for Perth & Kinross Council

Adapting Workplaces to Life Post-Lockdown

IES Consultancy Manager Colin Rees discusses factors to consider when ensuring a safer transition back to building occupancy.

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IES use Proven Modelling Methods to Help Make Workplaces Safer

IES performed modelling to analyse ventilation strategies and inform clients on suitable strategies toward making their workplaces safer.

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Got a project in mind? 

We can help you to understand how you can best adapt your buildings to make the space safer for all.

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Modelling for Safer Workplaces

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