Design for Performance

Design for Performance

The launch of NABERS UK in November 2020 marked an important turning point for the UK buildings industry where, historically, a “design for compliance” approach has largely been the norm. This has resulted in a fractured system which has led to the well documented “performance gap” between the design intent and real-world operational performance of our buildings.

IES has long supported a modelling beyond compliance approach and our consulting team collectively draw from hundreds of man years of experience in this area to help achieve the optimum performance outcomes for our clients.

Progression through the RIBA stages

IES Consulting continue to refine the simulation and assessment of the building's energy as it progresses through each RIBA stage, to ensure the targeted rating for NABERS UK is achieved.

Concept & Design

  • DSM model, taking into consideration:
    • Geometry
    • Glazing
    • Lighting
    • Tenants & Occupancy
    • Equipment
    • Lifts
    • HVAC system (plant, hours, zones, control etc.)
    • Climate and weather data 
  • Develop metering strategy 
  • Undertake advanced HVAC simulation to test the HVAC design against a range of expected operational conditions

Riba stage 6 in-use data

Handover & In-Use

  • Develop a Digital Twin of the operational building 
  • Use data from BMS to improve accuracy of model variables and close performance gap 
  • Calibrated model can aid engineers in considering design improvements and refurbishment options

Improve HVAC Performance at every stage of the building life cycle

IES Consulting are perfectly placed to take your model to the next level in HVAC performance. We can represent and then refine your design by reporting on plant sizing, load matching and overall energy/carbon performance. 

IES Team Work

Finding NABERS UK Assessments tricky? Help is at hand!

If you are looking to develop your skills or your project incorporates challenging design features then enlist the help of IES Consulting. As the expert users in applying the Virtual Environment we are best placed to share our knowledge and expertise for the benefit of your project. We offer tailored project mentoring to guide you step by step towards achieving your needs, ensuring confidence in the accuracy and delivery of the project.

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