Moda Living - Holland Park

Glasgow 2018

IES Consulting were commissioned to undertake a thermal comfort study of the proposed development to ascertain the overheating assessed against CIBSE TM52.

Key Facts

  • CIBSE TM52 analysis
  • 16 storey residential development
  • 435 luxury apartments
  • Former Police HQ

Designed by architects, HAUS Collective, the Moda Living Holland Park development will see Glasgow’s former Strathclyde Police headquarters transformed into a 16-storey development of 435 luxury apartments, designed exclusively for rental. 

IES Consulting were commissioned to undertake an internal environmental conditions study of the proposed development in which the overheating potential of typical occupied rooms were assessed against the criteria outlined by CIBSE TM52: The Limits of Thermal Comfort: Avoiding Overheating in European Buildings.

Using the IES Virtual Environment (IESVE) software, IES Consulting created a dynamic thermal model based on architectural information and inputs specified in CIBSE TM59, to carry out the calculations and simulations required. Simulations were performed using weather data for three Design Summer Years (DSYs) representative of: a moderately warm summer; a short, intense warm spell; and a long, less intense warm spell.

The results successfully demonstrated compliance with TM52, with the majority of spaces across the development meeting the requirements for all three DSYs. Whilst there was only one area of potential concern during the simulation outputs corresponding to a short intense warm spell, the consultants were able to advise on possible measures to reduce solar gains and mitigate the risk of overheating for such a scenario.