BIM Appraisal & Mentoring

IES Consulting can help you meet your BIM objectives with our appraisal and mentoring services. Our BIM AP qualified consultants can work with you to develop an efficient and streamlined process to enable your BIM solution and progress towards Level 2. We'll take your through our BIM4Analysis approach, integrating building performance analysis within the BIM process.

Appraise your current BIM Process

Our BIM AP qualified consultants will:

  • Appraise your current BIM processes, technology and staff skill sets providing a gap analysis.
  • Advise on process change, staff upskilling and technology investment, required to achieve a collaborative working environment. This will include looking at incorporating performance analysis into your BIM process with a strong focus on energy reduction strategies.
  • Help to develop your process in line with the governments BIM L2 mandate for 2016.

BIM L2 Overview & Execution Plan

IES can deliver an overview of BIM through our BIM Accredited Professionals, together with a comprehensive approach to achieving the BIM Level 2 standard. We can help you meet the BIM level 2 Standard by advising on required process changes, and we can help you achieve the necessary information flow to deliver successful asset development.

Achieving BIM4Analysis

In particular we can help you achieve and align BIM Level 2 status with your performance modelling analysis. Our BIM AP consultants will advise on the required process changes to link BIM with performance modelling which will include a strong focus on a process for assessing energy reduction strategies.

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