Building Tuning

Our Building Tuning services use the very latest in data visualisation, modelling and analysis to deliver an innovative and unparalleled approach to the ‘Big Data’ challenge that exists when managing BMS and Utility Meter infrastructure.

By continuously monitoring the large datasets which can be collected from BMS and Utility Meter infrastructure it is possible to identify trends which can highlight ‘hidden’ control system faults which could otherwise have gone unnoticed. Collected data is analysed to identify poorly performing buildings and plant allowing the most appropriate corrective action to be taken, eliminating energy and cost waste. These types of operational interventions generally have none, or very little cost implications.

IES can work with you to fine tune your building and ensure it’s as operationally efficient as possible before you investigate and invest in larger scale efficiency improvements. Or we can engage in an ongoing continuous commissioning capacity to detect faults as they occur and stop operational drift. This longer-term approach is based around taking a life cycle view of the building and its operation. Undertaking continuous optimisation to mitigate operational drift and strategically drive maintenance and refurbishment cycles.

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