Maximise Your BMS Data

The potential of building data is often neglected. Our Data Maximisation service is a key first step in uncovering hidden inefficiencies in your building, saving energy, reducing costs and driving continuous operational improvement.

Buildings today are creating increasing volumes of operational data from Utility Meter Infrastructure, Building Management Systems, Lighting Management, and Door Entry systems, as well as other sensors readings. But, which data is actually valuable? How do you investigate it to deliver actionable insights? What’s actually logged? Are you collecting the right data? How long is it stored for? Is it easy to access?

IES can help you take a strategic approach and maximise the value that exists in your data. We can deliver a clearer understanding of your building operation. Help you identify key KPIs and set up your processes to harvest the most usable data and uncover the information most valuable to you. It is a key foundation of successful building energy management.

Our services include a complete review of your current data collection systems and process; helping identify and fill gaps in logging, and deal with the inconsistencies in timesteps and units that make gaining real value from your data challenging.

It involves an overall audit of all energy management systems, monitoring and control infrastructure, data collection and utilisation, digital BIM assets and other relevant internal structures. IES will deliver independent review on internal set-up, a strategy plan, and advice on any process change recommendations.

Our own online cloud-based software is used to gather, manage and analyse your valuable building data in a succinct fashion in one place. While, our advanced simulation capabilities enable us to intelligently fill any data gaps that you may have. This delivers you a complete data picture of your building operation, or the operation of your portfolio of buildings.

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