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Our range of technology-led consulting services supports a new approach to sustainable, resource-efficient building portfolios. Changing from a ‘business as usual’ approach to one which applies virtual building technology from design, through construction and commissioning, on into operation and renovation/adaption.

Our approach can help you deliver year-on-year CSR targets, reduce operational costs, comply with current and future environmental legislation, whilst ensuring on-going reliability, resilience and investment value of building stock.

We believe that this life-cycle application of Virtual Building technology offers a 3D platform upon which intelligent building principles can be built. Our consulting services furnish you with the analytical information necessary to make assured decisions:

  • League table of energy and carbon footprint ratings across your building portfolio; easily identify and target the poor performers and learn lessons from good performers which can be applied elsewhere
  • Detailed surveys of when and where energy can be saved; including hidden waste & inefficiencies, good & bad practice, and areas where similar savings can be made across the portfolio
  • A building portfolio energy reduction strategy that maximises investment value; use virtual modelling of the different improvement, refurbishment or adaptation strategies under consideration to assess each option against key KPIs and create a sound Business Case
  • Tracked and verified financial savings from energy conservation initiatives; ensure optimal building performance is achieved at all stages and adapts as the building profile changes during its lifecycle.
  • Enhanced Building Management System performance through advanced analytics
  • Optimisation of building performance throughout the whole design and subsequent operational process; we can provide a sophisticated and integrated Virtual Building solution that follows the design from conception, through rating and regulation compliance, on into construction, commissioning and operation

Our approach is to understand your needs and assess your portfolio. We will then work with you to produce a tailored Energy Reduction Strategy report. Once reviewed and agreed on, we’ll help facilitate and track implementation and results from the strategy through digital commissioning and other evaluation methods.

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