Virtual Testing 

This service allows you to investigate a number of ‘what if’ scenarios, with a high degree of certainty, before any money is spent or costly alternations are made. Build a strong business case for any improvements being considered and set performance expectations to ensure they deliver once implemented.

By creating a real-time operational BIM model of your building, IES can virtually test different improvement scenarios and refurbishment strategies, delivering a strategic review of the options. You can have confidence in the results because of the deep level of calibration we undertake. It’s manufacturer independent, tailored to your building and uses its actual operational data.

The review can be tailored to cover the information most important to you; including predicted cost and energy savings, CO2 emission reductions, impact on key KPIs, ROI and payback periods, implications to internal comfort conditions, plus if needed opportunities for replication across the portfolio.

IES creates an operational BIM model of your building e.g. geometry, envelope/fabric, space usage, digitised HVAC, occupancy patterns, real site weather etc. We then fine-tune this virtual building against real-life performance to create an energy benchmark specific to your actual building.

This service also allows you to facilitate and track implementation of the final chosen solution through digital commissioning and other evaluation methods. Utilising the 3D BIM model again to accurately measure and verify performance against expected outcomes. This will identify problem areas and allow you to fix them early, as well as supply lessons learnt guidance for future projects.

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