Scotland Building Regulations

We are experienced Scotland Energy Assessors and Section 63 Advisors who regularly work in all regions and on all building types employing our Level 5 DSM software. With our approved, award winning and in-depth suite of integrated analysis tools we have performed numerous DSM Section 6 and EPC compliance calculations.

IES Consulting are now providing Section 63 Action Plans at Level 5 which encompasses all building considerations.

Our services include:

  • Provision of compliance calculations for new / existing buildings regardless of size / complexity.
  • Section 6 compliance and EPC energy modelling as part of the design process.
  • Provision of Section 6 Reports, Energy Performance Certificates and Recommendation Reports.
  • EPC energy modelling for existing buildings including those targeting improvements.
  • Section 63 Action plans for buildings using Level 5 modelling.
  • In-use energy auditing to guide operation and EPC improvement strategies.
  • Tailored expert compliance modelling / mentoring service.

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