Pedestrian Wind Comfort

This study will help in predicting the annual effect of wind around the site on pedestrians using external amenity spaces like pavements, outdoor seating, gardens and other such green spaces. The study involves analysing the site for a combination of wind speeds and wind directions.  The results are then extrapolated as per the local weather data to predict the annual wind distribution on the site. The data thus generated is then statistically analysed to check for compliance against the pedestrian comfort and safety standards like Lawson's Criterion, GSAS requirements etc. Salient feature of this service include:

  • Check for compliance with the popular Lawson Pedestrian Comfort criterion
  • Ability to couple external and internal simulations
  • Analysis for infiltration control at building entrances
  • Access to 3D CAD models of the actual buildings surrounding the project buildings to more effectively analyse the impact
  • Check for compliance with regulations and mandatory requirements

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