Pollutant Dispersion

Pollutant control studies cover both internal and external pollutant dispersal analysis. These have assumed great importance due to awareness and the health and safety regulations which make such studies mandatory. Our CFD modeling includes:

External Pollutant Dispersal Study

  • Analyse the spread of plumes and flue gases released from buildings and their impact on surrounding buildings and local environment
  • Analysis carried out for different wind directions and representative wind speeds
  • Use of ASHRAE methodology to determine wind boundary profile
  • Simulate gaseous and particulate contaminants
  • Optimise the location of fume stacks on building roof
  • Check for compliance with regulations and mandatory requirements

Car Parks

  • Car parks and garages
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) dispersal in normal and peak operation
  • Analysis to determine air change effectiveness, local age of air and CO concentration levels
  • Analysis of different ‘jet fan’ configurations to determine optimum arrangement
  • Checking for compliance with any local body or health and safety regulations

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