CFD for Tall Buildings

New high rise developments are generally characterised by plans for external seating areas like gardens, restaurants, cafes, etc. surrounding the site to enhance the utility and ambience of the site. These areas, however, can be affected by downwash from the wind impinging upon the face of these tall buildings as well as any acceleration of wind that may occur due to funnelling due to close proximity to other similar buildings in the vicinity. These effects can occur simultaneously and make seating uncomfortable for the users. Such winds can also affect opening of doors and produce gusts in the entrance lobbies. There can be occasions where the air speeds produced can be considered dangerous to even pedestrians walking near these buildings.

We can help you carry out detailed analysis of the site from conceptual stage to ensure that the design incorporates features that minimise such unwanted flow accelerations. We can carry out a virtual wind tunnel analysis of the site. The model will incorporate detailed terrain shape and surrounding buildings so we can have the best representation of the flow around the site.

We will work closely with you to assist in design of the best wind mitigation features to ensure the comfort of the people using the amenity spaces. We can predict the year round air speeds expected at any point on the site. This analysis would also help in demonstrating compliance with pedestrian comfort and safety criterion like Lawson’s Criteria and fulfilling GSAS requirements.

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