Crowd Movement

Understanding how people move about a building or site is particularity important for fire evacuation and pedestrian traffic around buildings such as schools and event venues. Using sophisticated evacuation and people movement modelling technology we can undertake a wide range of studies across both internal and external environments, including:

  • Egress / ingress studies
  • Fire evacuation routes and bottlenecks
  • Proposed transit route assessment
  • Speed of people movement and travel times across concourse spaces
  • Flow of people as they leave a building during an emergency through rooms, corridors, staircases, and doorways towards exits

There are virtually no limits on the complexity of a building and its spaces, and the range of physical and psychological factors that can be accounted for. By determining travel distances and times as well as identifying bottle-necks and obstructions, design teams can make better decisions on the number of staircases required, staircase and exit width and many other factors influencing the safe movement of people around a building.

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