Energy Model

An energy model (otherwise known as thermal model) is the perfect route to predicting building performance. The value of a design is entirely at risk unless key design decisions are assessed in advance. IES Consulting are the experts in energy modelling across the full spectrum of building types and climate zones. We have produced thousands of dynamic simulation energy models focused on enhancing building performance through all the design stages to identify opportunities and minimise the risks.

Our modelling capability includes:

  • Assessing the energy consumption and providing a breakdown on the key drivers
  • Analysing energy conservation measures
  • Peak building loads
  • Assessing passive design strategies including solar shading, thermal mass and natural ventilation
  • Determining the impact of overheating and the knock-on effect to occupant thermal comfort
  • Whole building ventilation strategies including natural, mechanical and hybrid solutions
  • Capturing sunlight for the potential to measure daylight dimming strategies
  • Carbon predictions from the building energy and fuel needs
  • Capital and running cost analysis
  • Simulating the impact of time schedules as each building has its own particular needs whether this be a daily or seasonal variation it is crucial to include the impact of when occupants, lights and equipment operate within the building
  • Building control strategies using formula based controls responding to parameters active throughout the simulation
  • Plant sizing
  • Renewable energy potential to offset building energy demands
  • Condensation analysis

Buildings now are becoming ever more innovative and dynamic simulation energy models are the perfect companion to test these solutions. We have assessed double facades, closed cavity facades with blind integration, interstitial blinds, external moveable shades, displacement ventilation, chilled ceilings, activated thermal mass, and much more.

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