Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a means of drawing together, in a systematic way, an assessment of the likely significant environmental effects arising from a proposed development. EIA procedures are transposed into UK legislation as required by the EU. Legislation similar to the EIA is also required in the US and many other countries globally.

We can aid developers and their advisors in meeting EIA requirements, helping assess the possible positive or negative impacts that a proposed project may have on the environment. The preparation of an environmental statement in parallel with project design provides a useful framework within which environmental considerations and design development can interact.

Looking in an integrated manner across key building-linked environmental, social and economic aspects, we can help assess:

  • Type and quantities of raw materials, energy and other resources consumed
  • Residues and emissions by type, quantity, composition and strength
  • Visual effects of the development on the surrounding area and landscape
  • Levels and effects of emissions from the development during normal operation and effect of mitigation measures
  • Feasibility and performance of different renewable energy technologies
  • Daylighting/solar studies including Sun on the Ground, Right to Light and Overshadowing analysis
  • BREEAM, EPC, DEC & Building Regulation performance in the UK
  • LEED, ASHRAE 90.1 and other rating and regulation performance globally
  • Thermal comfort and energy consumption
  • Appraisal of various options in terms of capital costs, running costs, material lifecycle assessment and energy requirements.

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