District Masterplanning

Environmental performance of a community is a key issue: from achieving efficient resource use, to ensuring citizen satisfaction. Buildings are at the heart of any community and are critical to delivering resilient and resource efficient districts of any scale.

IES Consulting, with the help of our IES Virtual Environment (VE) technology, can help you take data linked to building and community environmental performance, and deliver Intelligent information derived from that data using advanced simulation analysis.

Our Energy Masterplanning for Districts consulting service can help to:

  • Quantify renewable energy potential with Simulation Tools, determine building/district EUI, review walkability.
  • Assess and determine the environmental impact of new/planned developments.
  • Capture community wide energy use data and integrate energy reduction and generation technology at the district/city/neighbourhood level.
  • Work with the private sector (building owners and occupants), community organizations (or city-owned facilities/buildings) and industry professionals to share best practices, and drive innovation.
  • Make informed community-scale decisions based on real data (aggregated actual and simulated loads), creating a community that is sustainable, resilient, low carbon, and very resource efficient.

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