The VE can assist with the delivery of many BREEAM credits providing a valuable contribution to the overall BREEAM rating. 

Our team of skilled and experienced Consultants can actively assist the design team by providing advice on how building design can maximise the potential for credits to be achieved as part of the road map to the desired BREEAM rating.

Using the IES Virtual Environment software suite, we can test various design scenarios to undertake: 

  • BREEAM Accredited Professional services
  • Daylighting Modelling & Analysis
  • Thermal Comfort Modelling & Analysis
  • Energy Modelling & Analysis (Ene 01)
  • Material & Product Selection

IES Consulting can provide standalone BREEAM Accredited Professional services for clients who already have a BREEAM Assessor appointed. Our BREEAM AP’s are well versed with the BREEAM assessment methodology and can integrate within the existing design team smoothly and efficiently. The BREEAM Accredited Professional qualification recognises specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process.

We can use the VE to assess credits across a wide range of BREEAM rating systems and have collaborated on many BREEAM projects across both new construction and existing. 

IES Consulting’s capabilities and methodologies have been developed over many years and proven on a wide range of innovative, high-profile projects worldwide. Our expertise covers the UK and International versions of the system and we are very well placed to support any scale of project. As such, we have the ability to assess the following credits across numerous BREEAM Schemes:

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Management Health & Wellbeing

Man 01 - Sustainable procurement (Project brief and design)    

Man 01 - Project brief and design (Sustainability Champion)     

Man 02 - Life cycle cost and service life planning / Man 05 - Life cycle cost and service life planning / Man 12 - Life Cycle Cost Analysis (Elemental life cycle cost, Component level LCC, Plan, Capital Cost reporting) 

Man 05 - Aftercare

Hea 01 - Visual comfort (Daylighting, Daylighting Innovation)  

Hea 02 - Indoor air quality / Hea 7 Potential for Natural Ventilation (Adaptability – Potential for natural ventilation) 

Hea 03 - Thermal comfort / Hea 10 Thermal comfort (1st credit only, 2nd credit requires Design Team Implementation) 

Hea 04 Thermal comfort (Thermal Modelling, Adaptability – for a project climate change scenario, 3rd credit requires Design Team Implementation)



Ene 01 - Reduction of emissions. Credit assessment capabilities cover both the UK NCM based requirements as well as the European ASHRAE 90.1 route.    

Ene 04 - Low and zero carbon technologies / Ene 5 - Low and zero carbon technologies (One credit – Low zero carbon feasibility study) 
Ene 08 - Energy efficient equipment

Mat 01 - Life cycle impacts (Materials and Material Innovation)




















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