Utilising state-of-the-art sustainability modelling and project management technology our approach is refreshingly integrated.  We work closely with the whole team to integrate Estidama and sustainable design strategies into the process beginning in conceptual design through operations and maintenance.

Estidama is an approach to building design which promotes the construction and operation of buildings and communities more sustainably. The program is not itself a green building rating system, but is more of a collection of ideals that are imposed in elective building codes. However, within Estidama is the Pearl Building Rating System (PBRS), which aims to evaluate the energy efficiency and environmental impact of all buildings in Abu Dhabi.

We can provide you with varying levels of Estidama project support depending on your requirements. Our team includes Estidama Pearl Qualified Assessors .

We offer a full range of supplementary modelling services such as energy/carbon analysis, renewable energy studies, natural ventilation, daylighting, solar, CFD.

Our ability to cover all this under one roof in conjunction with our utilisation of the latest technology offers our clients the significant benefits of advanced techniques, unrivalled accuracy, clearer lines of communication and efficient cross-team collaboration. 

We are able to provide sustainable design guidance integrated with Estidama assessment to substantially optimize energy and environmental performance.

Our full package of Estidama services include:

  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Faciliation
  • Technical Reviews
  • Project Management
  • Credit Documentation
  • Sustainability Research
  • Assessment of up to 45 credits from the PBRS
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