WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard™ is a certification scheme developed by the International WELL Building Institute™ to highlight the benefits of integrating occupant health and well-being in the design, construction and operation of our buildings.

The standard is organised into seven main ‘concepts’: Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. All are applicable to three categories across a range of building types; new and existing buildings, new and existing interiors and core and shell compliance.

The Virtual Environment (VE) offers many outputs that are relevant to these seven concepts. Thermal comfort indices for ASHRAE 55, indoor air quality, mean age of air, visual comfort, daylight performance using Dynamic Daylighting and sky view are just some examples of appropriate modelling outputs for WELL credits. 

Mark Knipfer, Vice President of the IES South Atlantic Division
Mark has an extensive understanding of the WELL Standard. He was part of a select group that wrote, reviewed and tested the WELL Accreditation Exam.

Mark and the rest of our global consulting team can assist you in enabling and embedding good practice Health and Wellbeing concepts in your projects and buildings, helping you achieve WELL Certification in the process.

Our team can help you achieve the following WELL Credits:

Concept No. Name
Air 3 Ventilation effectiveness
Air 12 Moisture management
Air 15 Increased ventilation
Air 16 Humidity control
Air 21 Displacement ventilation
Light 53 Visual lighting design
Light 54 Circadian lighting design
Automated shading &
dimming controls
Light 61 Right to light
Light 62 Daylight modeling
Light 63 Daylight fenestration
Comfort 76 Thermal comfort
Comfort 83 Radiant thermal comfort















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