WELL Building Standard

The WELL Building Standard™ is a certification scheme developed by the International WELL Building Institute™ to highlight and promote the benefits of integrating occupant health and well-being in the design, construction and operation of our buildings.

WELL v2™ is the most rigorously tested and vetted version of the WELL Building Standard (WELL) to date. WELL V2™ has built upon the foundation created by WELL v1, which featured 7 concepts. WELL V2™ now has been expanded and refined to comprise 110 available points within 10 concepts:

  • Air
  • Water
  • Nourishment
  • Light

• Movement
• Sound
• Materials

  • Mind
  • Community
  • Thermal Comfort

These concepts are divided into features, which are either preconditions or optimisations. 

Preconditions are features that define the fundamental components of a WELL Certified space. All preconditions – including all parts within them – are mandatory for certification.

Optimisations are optional feature pathways for projects to meet certification requirements and earn points in WELL. All optimisations are weighted with varying point values. The maximum point value of a particular feature is determined by the sum of its parts.

The Virtual Environment (VE) offers many outputs that are relevant to the WELL concepts for both preconditions and optimisations. Thermal comfort indices for ASHRAE 55, indoor air quality, mean age of air, visual comfort, daylight performance using Dynamic Daylighting and sky view are just some examples of appropriate modelling outputs for WELL credits. 

Mark Knipfer, Vice President of the IES South Atlantic Division, has an extensive understanding of the WELL Standard. He was part of a select group that was invited in 2015 to write, review, and test the WELL v1 Accreditation Exam.  He has also worked on numerous projects across the globe, supporting individual feature assessments or serving as overall WELL consultant. 

Mark and the rest of our global consulting team can assist you in enabling and embedding good practice Health and Wellbeing concepts in your projects and buildings, helping you achieve WELL v2™ Certification in the process.

Our team can help you achieve the following WELL v2™ Credits:

Concept Feature Gravity Element
Air A03 Precondition Ventilation Design
  A06.1 Optimisation Enhanced Ventilation Design
Light L01 Precondition Light Exposure
  L03 Optimisation Circadian Lighting Design
  L06 Optimisation Daylight Simulation
  L07 Optimisation Visual Balance
Thermal Comfort T01.1 Precondition Thermal Performance
  T04 Optimisation Individual Thermal Comfort
  T07 Optimisation Humidity Control
Ven T09 Optimisation β Outdoor Thermal Comfort


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