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We've helped companies like Daikin, Monodraught and Somfy Philips take their products to market. 

IES Consulting can take your new products and energy saving concepts and provide assessments on assumed or predicted performance, helping validate manufacturer claims and aid in market uptake.

We can help manufacturers, property developers or design firms to demonstrate to customers exactly how much a solution will impact on building energy consumption, CO2 emissions and other environmental factors such as daylight, airflow, solar gain and more. We can even provide you with tools for use during the design specification, or sales processes:

  • Performance Component Creation (for use within the IESVE)
  • Bespoke Tools (for use within the IESVE)
  • Performance Validation
  • Bespoke web based sales tools

Simulation of different building scenarios with different products and strategies included can be undertaken using our advanced performance analysis suite. This independent, industry-respected data can then be made accessible by both your sales team and customers as required. We will work in tandem to tailor the tool and your data requirements to fit your business needs.

Join companies such as Daikin, Monodraught and Somfy Philips, who have all benefited from our product validation services.

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